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Welcome to the advocacy, communication and social mobilization community! Welcome to the advocacy, communication and social mobilization community!


Many of us working on the front lines of TB elimination find ourselves working in isolation, lacking access to the latest information, and missing out on training and funding opportunties. This site aims to change that!

We are a forum of those working in Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) to fight TB.  We are communities, advocates, those with ACSM training, those who would like to learn more, national TB program staff, non-governmental organizations and others.

Our goal is to connect, share experiences, and provide access to opportunities for funding and training. 

What is ACSM?
Advocacy, communication, and social mobilization (ACSM) refers to a set of interventions that are essential to implementing all six components of the Stop TB Strategy. They support TB control goals and objectives at the international, national, and local levels.
ACSM helps civil society:
  • Sustain political commitment and resources for TB.
  • Educate people about TB to find more cases and encourage people to complete treatment.
  • Empower people affected by TB.
  • Mobilize diverse stakeholders to raise the demand for programs and to ensure that services can be delivered to those who need them.