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Can your organisation help support this process?

It's crucial that we get wide and representative input during the consultation.  This will help inform the new Global Fund five year strategy.  Your organisation can help by:

  • Using your communication channels and mailing lists to announce the various parts of the consultation as they appear
  • Encouraging your members and stakeholders to participate
  • Helping us reach your country-level partners
  • Adding a link on your website to the consultation website
  • Nominating a focal point within your organisation to whom communications for wider distribution can be sent
  • Actively engage in this process so it gives space to as many voices and views as possible
  • Supporting in any other ways you think might help make this consultation more effective

All those agreeing to support the process will be acknowledged in the project communications and will have their organisation displayed on this page.  To register as a supporting organisation please add your name and email in the box below.

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So far the following organisations have agreed to support this process.  Thanks for their help in engaging their constituencies in this process.

The International Council of Nurses (ICN)

Microbicides Society of India

International Harm Reduction Association

Middle East and North African Harm Reduction (MENAHRA)

Stop TB Partnership

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights

Project Concern International India

Malaria Vaccine Initiative




International HIV/AIDS Alliance

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF)