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Discussion: 'AIDS Today: Tell no lies and claim no easy victories', London UK
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14 October (Tuesday) 2014 – 18.30-20.00 London School of Economics (LSE) Public Lecture HONG KONG THEATRE, GROUND FLOOR, CLEMENT HOUSE, ALDWYCH, LONDON, WC2. We invite you to a public d ...
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India set to run out of critical free drug for HIV/AIDS programme
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India could run out of a critical medicine in its free HIV/AIDS drugs programme in three weeks due to bureaucratic bungling, a senior government official said, leaving more than 150,000 ...
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Discussion: South Africa’s buckling health system, and the impact on the HIV and TB response?, London, UK
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13th October 2014 1-4pm London, UK We will be hosting a discussion with one of the leading figures of the international HIV response, Mark Heywood, Executive Director of SECTION27 and o ...
Last updated on September 30 2014 at 19:45
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Indian HIV/AIDS Response Indian HIV/AIDS Response

AIDS Momentum

Nationwide campaign led by community-based organisations of marginalised communities and demanding that India's HIV response continue with all needed resources. 

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Conferences Conferences

World Health Summit

19-22 October 2014
Berlin, Germany
Host: M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres

M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres
M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centre

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European HIV Nursing Conference

19-20 October 2014
Barcelona, Spain
Host: IAPAC in association with EHNN
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First European Conference on Hepatitis C and Drug Use

23-24 October 2014
Berlin, Germany
Host: Correlation Network, with Deutsche Aids Hilfe, INPUD, Harm Reduction International etc.