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Getting health care to sex workers in Cape Town
Contributed by:AIDSPortal Administrator
...[Leigh] Davids tested positive for HIV in May 2009... She is on antiretroviral treatment that she receives from the Ivan Toms Clinic in Woodstock, a public clinic run by Health4Men. ...
Last updated on October 20 2014 at 14:14
Fighting for the Right to Health for Women Living with HIV: A Success in Gujarat
Contributed by:AIDSPortal Administrator
"...The morning of hope soon turned into an evening of despair. Anita had a stillbirth. Her only fault: she is HIV positive. Sadly, Anita’s case in Palanpur city of Banaskantha district ...
Last updated on October 16 2014 at 13:49
South Africa: Pregnant women and girls continue to die unnecessarily
Contributed by:AIDSPortal Administrator
Hundreds of pregnant women and girls are dying needlessly in South Africa. In part, this is because they fear their HIV status may be revealed as they access antenatal care services, acc ...
Last updated on October 16 2014 at 12:27
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Indian HIV/AIDS Response Indian HIV/AIDS Response

AIDS Momentum

Nationwide campaign led by community-based organisations of marginalised communities and demanding that India's HIV response continue with all needed resources. 

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Conferences Conferences

World Health Summit

19-22 October 2014
Berlin, Germany
Host: M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres

M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centres
M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centre

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European HIV Nursing Conference

19-20 October 2014
Barcelona, Spain
Host: IAPAC in association with EHNN
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First European Conference on Hepatitis C and Drug Use

23-24 October 2014
Berlin, Germany
Host: Correlation Network, with Deutsche Aids Hilfe, INPUD, Harm Reduction International etc.