South Africa's battle against HIV/AIDS gains momentum
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The Lancet, Volume 383, Issue 9928, Pages 1535 - 1536, 3 May 2014
John Maurice
A recent survey by South African researchers emphasises the weaknesses and strengths of the country's current efforts to curb the HIV/AIDS epidemic. John Maurice reports.
South Africa has come a long way in its war against HIV. In the 1990s, its attempts to stem the escalating death toll of the epidemic against a background of political and social unrest were often ineffectual or misguided. Today sees a country confronting the epidemic head on and making substantial inroads against the enemy. South Africa still has the greatest number of people infected with the virus and the highest number of new cases annually. But it also now holds the world record for having the largest number of HIV-infected people surviving thanks to a burgeoning antiretroviral treatment (ART) programme. It is also well on the way to halting mother-to-child transmission of the infection...
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd Year: 2014
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