AIDS: the frontline, Supporting older carers of people living with HIV/AIDS and orphaned children in Mozambique, South Africa and Sudan
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Contributed Date: February 20 2011 at 15:24
This is an executive summary of a HelpAge report funded by UNAIDS. It looks, through the eyes of older people, at the impact HIV/AIDS has had over the last ten years on extremely poor communities in three countries (Sudan, Mozambique and South Africa.) It describes how older people and their organisations have coped so far, with very little external support and draws out lessons for the future. Each of the three country reports focuses on a different way of supporting older carers:
Mozambique on increasing economic support; Sudan on improving information on prevention and care, relevant to people living without basic health care and ARVs; and South Africa on assisting older people by helping them to access existing government services.
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