WHO's 2010 Recommendations for HIV Treatment: National Guideline Revision Challenges and Lessons Learned
Contributed by:Jennifer Pearson
Contributed Date: April 6 2012 at 14:47
The WHO released revised recommendations for adult and adolescent HIV treatment in 2010. The aim of this technical brief is to provide HIV policy makers and program managers with a point of reference as they adapt and implement revised national HIV treatment guidelines. Approaches that worked well, challenges and lessons learned from three regions of the world - Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South-East Asia are highlighted. Links to key resources for countries revising guidelines and implementing revisions are also provided.
Publisher: AIDSTAR-OneYear: 2012
Terms & Tags: Public Sector, Sub Saharan Africa, South Africa, Africa, Zambia , Guyana, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe , Tanzania , Honduras, Cambodia, Treatment, Antiretroviral Therapy, WHO, national treatment guidelines, policy,
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